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Welcome to Ahluwalia Chambers

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Ahluwalia Chambers signifies a rich history, having been established in the pre-independence era. The chamber has been providing exceptional legal services across various courts, including the Delhi High Court, the Supreme Court of India, appellate tribunals, district courts, and quasi-judicial bodies.

S.S. Ahluwalia

LL.M. (Cardiff) UK,

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Legal Practice Areas

Commercial Dispute

With a strong history of success and a deep understanding of complex issues, we're your dedicated partners in effectively resolving intricate commercial conflicts.

Property Disputes

We specialize in resolving various types of disputes under the Hindu Succession Act, particularly those related to partition, HUF, Will etc.


Our firm possesses an extensive reservoir of expertise in addressing the multifaceted challenges associated with banking, mortgages, and cases involving money laundering. We

We are expert at

Why Clients Choose Us?

Choose Ahluwalia Chambers for legal excellence. Our seasoned team brings unparalleled expertise to every case, delivering personalized solutions, and a relentless commitment to justice. Trust us for your legal needs.

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The Attorneys

Expert Attorneys at Ahluwalia Chambers

S.S. Ahluwalia

LL.M. (Cardiff) UK - Advocate


Review From Our Clients

I had the occasion to see his legal acumen as he has been appearing before my court in civil, commercial, constitutional and arbitration matters. As a lawyer he was always seen well prepared in his case and his in-depth knowledge of diverse subjects was reflected in his arguments.

Kailash Gambhir Hon’ble Justice (Retd.)

We have a long standing relationship with Mr. SS Ahluwalia. His professionalism and thoroughness is exemplary. As lead Counsel, he has successfully represented our business interests on various forums with utmost professionalism and commitment.arguments.

Ms. Pooja Singhla DGM (Law) – IFCI

During my interaction with learned Counsel Shri S.S. Ahluwalia, and his representing me during various court hearings, I have found him highly professional, responsible and sincere legal practitioner. He possesses a rich knowledge of various Laws, Acts, Rules and Procedures. He exhibits extraordinary communication, analytical and research skills. He listens patiently to his clients and addresses their concerns with an open mind and positive attitude. Needless to say, these qualities of Counsel S.S. Ahluwalia instill tremendous confidence in his clients. Coupled with his vast knowledge of legal procedures, he is able to argue his case with considerable courage of conviction.

Mr. O.P. Bhola EX- IFS, GoI

Our Services

Legal assistance for everyone

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Individual Case

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Legal Protection

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Private Service

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Case Studies

Completed Case Studies

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